Apparently we are no more just the Pony Club, we are the 50 Posts club, and according to this platform, on our way of becoming SUPERSTARS.

This is Petite Pony Ponytail. Her height is about an inch. A real close-up portrait of this old lady…

Powerful socks! Thanks to our best fan ever for this gift!

» The Woman Who Married a horse

Cool photos by a finnish photographer Wilma Hurskainen. <3

As tigers easily find themselves compatible with horse energy (like we didn’t know that already), we are ready for a year of action.

Hope you are ready.

Pony Jam with a touch of Zebra
by Niina Kiiveri

1. In the year of 2014, Nude Rodeo continues its work of raising awareness on random matters through creative expression in various forms.

2. There will be horses.

3. And a tiny pony.

4. There will be a script that will be made into a film.

5. Official Nude Rodeo Winter Meeting will be held in the beginning of March in Nude Rodeo HQ in Tampere.

6. To be continued.

Best, The Pony Club


New video is now on Vimeo! Check it out &lt;3 It’s called Pony Girls&gt;